As the snow falls outside my window, here in the Northern Berkshires, I’m making two kinds of hot cereal for my kids, Alex and I will be enjoying a bowl of steel cut oats, cooked in almond milk & water, Cate will be trying red quinoa and maple syrup – her request.

I know 2009 was very hard on a lot of people, but I had one of the best years of my life. I trained for and completed my first triathlon, I saw my first Phish show in 10 years at Fenway Park with my husband, which was an exceptionally wonderful night. I climbed to the top of Mt. Greylock, twice in one weekend. I spent a week at Kripalu undoing a spectacularly disastrous relationship with food, which lead to a dramatic change in my diet, where I went vegan, gluten & sugar-free and dropped 50 lbs. Daily, I am making the kinds of choices that support me becoming the woman I want to be.

This upcoming year, my hopes and wishes are just as big, I’ve got my eyes set on a snowshoeing weekend in the Adirondacks, skiing with my kids on Friday afternoons, and another go at the triathlon, hopefully hitting my goal weight by the fall, and still balancing that all with my full time job and my part-time teaching. This year, I’m hoping to become a better online instructor and a better instructor teaching others to teach online. If enrollment holds, I’ll be teaching Gender in Virtual Worlds, Homosexuality in America and The History of the 1960s.

No, I didn’t finish Moby Dick, but I’m still tempted to add Dante’s Inferno to the list, I’ve got nice translation by Longfellow on my shelf that I may just pull out on my next snow day.

What are your hopes and wishes for the new year?